The Story of Travacello


You’re here to experience a memorable journey to exotic places and meet unique people, guided by those who know the Indonesia at its best. Unlike any other tour operator, TRAVACELLO will give you unforgettable experience by showing you beauty through the eyes of the locals.

TRAVACELLO proudly empowering local people to take part on every journey we offer. We believe, from any types of travellers you are, travelling should also gain benefit for the locals. We will enjoy beautiful sceneries, and at the same time give good impacts to people who live nearby. We share because we care.

TRAVACELLO is here to fulfill your travel needs. We provide services that would match your style of exploration, budget, and time. Weekly trips are ready for those who want to escape the craziness of life during weekdays. Our honeymoon packages are uniquely crafted for the love birds. Company outing, company gathering, or any other inquiries will be served directly by our experts of trip customization.



The journey began when our founders came back from Rabecca family’s hometown, Raja Amat, West Papua. The breathtaking view and amazing marine life made this two fell in love more with Indonesia. As soon as they came back, around March 2014, they founded JR TRAVEL CO which focus on providing travel services to people who wish to explore Raja Ampat.

As the business grew and attention gained, JR TRAVEL CO started to provide more destinations, but were still limited in the Eastern area of Indonesia. The responsed was nice. However, as they want to be more serious in the business, they found some problems and they could not patent their brand. Thus, on their first birthday, March 2015, JR TRAVEL CO changed its name into TRAVACELLO.

meet the team

  • Jonathan Thamrin
    Jonathan Thamrin Chief Executive Officer
  • Rabecca Theresia Jinkar
    Rabecca Theresia Jinkar Chief Financial Officer