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    Day 1 Jayapura - Wamena

    • Depart to Jayapura on GA 652, departing at 02.30. Arrive at Jayapura Sentani Airport 08.40 and take a short flight to Wamena.
    • After arriving in Wamena, transfer to and overnight at The Baliem Valley Resort. Enjoy your leisure afternoon or visit the Dani’s Hamlet near the Hotel.
  • 2

    Day 2 Salt Spring, Kurulu – Mummy, Traditional Dani Hamlet

    • In the morning we drive up to Jiwika in the central Baliem Valley.
    • Our one hour trek begins at the base of the mountain and ascends 300 meters through a beautiful rainforest, reaching the traditional salt spring of a Dani clan.
    • Clothed in their traditional costumes, the native inhabitants will demonstrate the old techniques of the salt production.
    • Following the demonstration, we will have our lunch on the mountains base then walk down to a Kurulu hamlet, where a very old mummy of the famous Dugum clan is proudly presented for your viewing.
    • Afterwards the women show us how the brought brine is processed.
    • In the vicinity we will see more picturesque hamlets.
    • Everywhere the friendly natives offer their arts and crafts, weapons and curiosities for our inspection.
    • In the afternoon drive back to the Resort.
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    Day 3 Pig Cooking Festival

    • A special welcome will be given to you upon your arrival in the Village; the tribe member will assemble wearing their best outfit to show their appreciation.
    • The Tribe chief will stand on a Traditional Observation and give the order to his people to celebrate.
    • A special “pig-festival” requires cooking with hot stones in an earth pit and is one of the most interesting exhibitions you will see on traveling to Papua.
    • Photographer and moviemakers has said that this unique event cannot be described by words alone, you have to see it with your own eyes.
    • Lunch will be served inside the hamlet, and of course there is also the opportunity for each guest to eat out of the traditional earth pit.
    • The fresh pig meat and the sweet potatoes are delicious. Back to the Resort in the late afternoon.
  • 4

    Day 4 Pyramid Region

    • Starting in the morning we visit the native market in Wamena, then driving along the western side of the valley.
    • Landscape in the west part is different compared to the east, it is dominated by grass savannas, and giant acacia trees growing along the riverbank.
    • There will be many opportunities for you to take beautiful countryside photographs.
    • We will take short stops at the traditional markets at Elagaima and Kimbim.
    • Depend on the weather and road condition we may drive up to the Magi Mountain in the Pyramid region, which provides a spectacular view over the western Baliem River and an excellent location for enjoying your lunch.
    • The settlement of Pyramid in the northern Baliem Valley was one of the first missionary stations in the early 50´s.
    • Later we enjoy a relaxing drive back to the Resort. (180 kms altogether).
  • 5

    Day 5 Voyage by Boat in the Baliem River

    • In the morning we take our Safari Bus to the north, passing the City of Wamena to the Assologaima region.
    • Our journey begins on the river in our specially design Raft, heading downstream until we reach the suspension bridge of Wesaput.
    • The fun voyage passes beautiful forests and wild groves of sugar cane.
    • Along the river and hidden in the shadows of big acacia-trees are Dani hamlets.
    • We can observe how Dani women wash the sweet potatoes for their dinner and occasionally we pass the natives on their traditional one-tree-boats.
    • In the afternoon, reaching the suspension bridge of Wesaput, our Safari Bus is waiting to drive us back to the Resort, after our raft it’s safely tied on the roof.
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    Day 6 Wamena City Tour

  • 6

    Day 7 Wamena - Jayapura

    • Transfer to Wamena and take a short flight to Jayapura.
    • Upon arrival direct city sightseeing Jayapura.
    • Visiting Sentani Lake, Anthropological Museum (subject to change) and local Market Hamadi.
    • Overnight at Swiss-Belhotel.
Include / Exclude

Price Include

  • 6x overnight in The Baliem Valley Resort.
  • 1x overnight in Swiss-Belhotel, Jayapura.
  • Daily transportation.
  • English speaking guide.
  • Tour as per itinerary.
  • All entrance fees.
  • Police permit.
  • Return tickets Jayapura – Wamena – Jayapura.
  • Meals Full board.

Price Exclude

  • Travel insurance (can be provided by us)
  • Airport Tax
  • All other cost besides what’s stated on include
  • Extra baggage and porter fee
  • Optional tour (overtime/ extend)
  • Tour leader / driver tip

Note :

  • There’s additional fee for single supplement $ 410

Items To Bring:

  1. Travacello berhak membatalkan trip dengan pertimbangan-pertimbangan tertentu di luar kemampuan Travacello, dan uang DP peserta akan dikembalikan 100%.
  2. Jadwal acara/Itinerary bisa berubah tergantung cuaca dan kondisi cuaca alam dan lalu lintas
  3. Apabila destinasi tujuan tidak memungkinkan untuk dikunjungi karena bencana, cuaca yang tidak mendukung, penutupan tempat wisata, atau sebab lain di luar kendali kami, maka peserta tidak berhak meminta kompensasi atau pengembalian biaya yang telah dibayarkan.
  4. Tidak ada pengembalian Down Payment/Uang Muka atau uang yang sudah di bayarkan bagi peserta trip yang membatalkan keikutsertaannya.
  5. Membayar DP as Commitment fee minimal 50%, bisa dimulai dari Notes/event di-publish atau bisa juga langsung melunasi full.
  6. Harga sewaktu-waktu berubah apabila terjadi kenaikan BBM secara nasional atau kenaikan lain yang berhubungan dengan destinasi.
  7. Pembayaran dapat di lakukan melalui transfer ke REK BCA 065-331-1114 a/n Jonathan Thamrin. (lakukan konfirmasi setelah melakukan dp/pembayaran)

Baliem Valley 8D7N


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Baliem Valley 8D7N


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Baliem Valley 8D7N

Rp 25,462,500


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